Similarities between Indian politics and Game Of Thrones

Don’t kill me for this GoT fans…


Congress- Targareyns

Brought all the smaller kingdoms together to form one great kingdom. (Post-independence with Congress ruling, all the princely states were brought together to form one country)

Ruled for the longest time.

Have an heir to the throne but nobody knows when that heir will get to sit on the throne.

Trusted but old advisers guide the heir


BJP – Baratheons

Overthrew Targareyns. Led by a strong warrior, Robert (Modi). Robert was the lord of stormends (Modi- Gujarat) before moving on to rule Westeros (India).

Robert was protected by old Jon Arryn from Targareyns once and then watched his ward conquer Westeros. (Advani defended Modi after 2002 and then saw him conquer Delhi)

Baratheons backed by rich Lannisters only after Rhaegar died and victory appeared certain. (Rich Jagan Reddy extending issue based support only after Modi has won)


AIADMK – Martells

Based down south. Have frosty relationship with the rulers in the capital.

Only ones to maintain their stranglehold on their kingdom as other kingdoms fell.

Females can and do become rulers of the kingdom


JDU – Greyjoys

Balon Greyjoy thought of himself as the king. Rose in rebellion against Robert, got crushed. (Nitish-PM dreams- Lok Sabha)

 LJP – Tyrells

Always with the winner. Backed Renly when he had a bigger army, he fell and immediately joined hands with Lannisters (Paswan- UPA-NDA)

Have a young good looking heir (Loras Tyrell- Chirag Paswan)


AAP – Sparrows

Common folks upset with every ruler in Westeros after the destruction they caused


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